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The 5 Biggest Challenges of Running a Long Distance Moving Company

When you decide to start a business, there are many challenges that you will face along the way. While starting any business has its difficulties, running a long distance moving company comes with many obstacles that most other entrepreneurs would not have to deal with. However, if you are aware of these challenges ahead of time, you will be able to deal with them in a much more logical manner when they do arise.

1. Hiring Reliable Workers

Entrusting your client’s items to the care of an employee is tough. Not only are you putting your company’s name in the hands of the employees completing the jobs, but it is also very difficult to find experienced movers and drivers. Before sending your crews out on their first jobs, make sure they have received adequate training on everything from how to properly pack up fine china to how to the rules and regulations of interstate transport. While the training is time-consuming, it’s a worthwhile investment in your employees and in your business.

2. Factoring Cost of Traveling

Gas prices are constantly fluctuating in today’s market. It is hard to estimate exactly how much you will be paying in fuel each year, but there are ways to make reasonable estimates so you can adjust your tariffs accordingly. Additionally, creating a travel budget that includes the cost of food and lodging for your drivers is key to maintaining a profitable moving company.

3. Acquiring the Proper Licensing and Insurance

Your drivers will need to be commercially licensed and insured to transport goods across state lines. Researching the different regulations for commercial transportation in each state can help you to stay protected in the unfortunate event of an accident involving one of your drivers. The last thing you want to do is to end up with a lawsuit on your hands due to lack of proper insurance or licensing. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ( has all of the information you need to comply with the regulations for long distance movers.

4. Thinking Through the Logistics of Scheduling

At the beginning stages of your business, it can be difficult to decide just how many drivers and movers to hire. There will be busy times, especially during the summer months, when you will feel as though you don’t have enough movers and slower times where you have far too many movers. It is important to invest in software (like ours!) that will streamline your scheduling of clients, movers, and drivers. This will help you save a lot of money in the long run and make more money during the busy season by not missing out on jobs.

5. Choosing the Right Location for Your Moving Company

It is very important to decide where you will be running your moving company. This greatly depends on how large you want your moving company to be. If you are looking to just book a handful of clients each year, you could probably get away with running your business out of your home and parking your moving trucks at a storage facility. However, if you are looking to have a much larger and legitimate operation, you will need to secure a large piece of real estate where you can have employees running the show and a place to store your fleet.

Running a moving business is a challenge, but it can be a really rewarding experience helping clients transition to life in a new home. Best of luck as you start your new business!

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