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Top Real Estate and Moving Apps to Help You Through the Move

There is no doubt moving is among the worst tasks in our lives. It’s hard packing up all your stuff and getting it moved from one point to another even if you are moving few blocks away. Despite moving being considered a hectic and stressful time, it can be made stress-free when you have the appropriate tools to help. The modern day technology has been of great help before, during and after the moving process. There are many online materials and mobile moving apps that assist through the entire moving. Here is a list of the top real estate and moving apps that will help you through the move.

Moving apps for before your move:

1. Sortly moving app

Sortly is an inventive, moving checklist that allows you to take record of your property before you start packing. You only have to take photos of each property using your mobile phone. During the packing process, place each property to specific photos and create QR code labels for each particular boxes. At your destination, you do not have to search the items through the boxes. All you have to do is scan the code on the boxes to find the items inside.

2. is a top moving mobile app that doubles both as a real estate app. It can be used to search for a new home by creating customized searches basing on your preferred checklist. It also provides notifications of homes that match your search. It searches and saves photos of homes for future referral when searching for a home. It’s the most beneficial among moving and real estate mobile apps as it helps you with real estate agents selecting. It has a larger collection of real estates for sales hence offer varieties.

3. Trulia

Ranked as one of the best house hunting mobile apps, Trulia is known for its house searching capabilities since it has options for searching apartments, homes, open houses, locations of property, price, and size of the houses. It has map directions, and offers information such as crime rate of the area you are planning to relocate to.

4. Moving Mule

Finding movers you can trust is one of the most difficult and stress-inducing aspects of the moving process. Moving Mule makes this step simple by helping you find the most reliable movers in your your area. Perfect for those moving near or far, Moving Mule verifies licensing and insurance information, ranks moving companies based on user reviews, and lets customers compare rates among moving services. Thanks to Moving Mule ( – long distance moving companies), finding reliable moving help has never been easier.

Moving apps for during your move:

1. Moving day

A mobile moving app with an in built in bar code scanning and labeling ability. The app creates printable bar codes that are attached to your boxes. Once at your destination, you can scan the boxes and view the objects inside without physically unpacking. In a situation the scanner of your phone isn’t working, the apps allow you to enter the barcode digits manually.

2. Moving checklist pro

A moving app that ensures all tasks associated with moving are taken care of. It has a checklist that arranges the whole moving process for you. Furthermore, the checklist can be customized to what you may need to relocate with.

Moving apps for after your move:

1. Nextdoor

This is a top mobile moving app that allows you to know your new neighbors and the neighborhood. Nextdoor provides you with information about your area’s safety, local services and ways to hook up with your neighbors.

2. BrightNest

This a mobile moving app designed specifically to help you settle in your new home. It provides ideas on home decoration, and any other information you may need concerning your new home.

3. Mint

Ranked as one of the best budgeting apps to help you in managing and getting your financial muscles back once you move. It’s linked to your credit card where it budgets for you and provides financial advice.

These are just a few of mobile moving apps that provide you with helpful information that will help and make the entire moving process easier from before the moving, to the actual moving process to after the move itself.

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